Request for Startups. These are areas where I think people should start more startups. This is important, because startups are one of the key drivers of innovation. I was inspired by Y Combinator’s RFS.

Caveat: You should never startup a startup based on what others (like me) tell you. You should only start a startup if you are passionate about the problem you’re trying to solve.


Education is one of the most fundamental problems that we need to solve. Starting an education startup has a negative connotation. You’ll often hear that it’s hard to make money or convince investors to invest in your startup. Unfortunately, both these statements are true. When trying to solve a problem in education, it is important to think big. Try to change education for good. If you can do that, not only will you impact society in a super positive way, but you will also reap the financial benefits.

Better educated societies are wealthier, live longer, are happier and more innovative. Education is the basis for everything else.

Plant-based meats

Meat production is a super inefficient process. You have to grow crops, which you feed to animals over a multi-year period. After that, you kill those animals and sell the meat. Not only does it take forever, it also occupies a lot of space. And don’t get me started on animal welfare.

Meat production has a greater negative impact on the environment than cars and planes, but most people either don’t know that or choose to ignore it. Unlike taking the train instead of a car, or turning off the water while brushing your teeth, eating meat is something so intimate and personal. Most people don’t want to give it up. The only way to change this behavior is to create plant-based meats that are tastier, cheaper and overall better than animal-based meat. The recent growth of companies like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat shows that it’s possible. But this only the beginning. The meat industry is a multi hundred billion dollar industry in the US alone.